From Rome To Geneva

By Janie Brown Kneeling on the cold linoleum floor while listening to my grandmother chant out the rosary in Spanish is a memory that is ingrained in my mind. In her devotion and zeal, she gathered her grandchildren around her like a little flock of sheep and taught us the prayers on Sunday afternoons. She … More From Rome To Geneva

A Concise Case For Reformed Infant Baptism

Are you interested in attending a Presbyterian or Reformed church, but you just haven’t been able to be convinced of the validity of infant baptism? If so, this post is especially for you. The first thing to keep in mind in this: In Reformed theology, our belief in infant baptism doesn’t come from isolated Bible … More A Concise Case For Reformed Infant Baptism

The Sacramental Theology of Herman Bavinck

In this blog post, it’s my objective to synthesize Herman Bavinck’s theology of the sacraments.  All of the thoughts and quotes are taken directly from Chapter 9 of Reformed Dogmatics, Volume 4, Holy Spirit, Church, and New Creation.  Bavinck begins by saying that “in addition to the Word, the sacraments are a second means of … More The Sacramental Theology of Herman Bavinck

Assurance of Salvation in Reformed Theology

During the darkest moments of our lives—when it feels we’re taking more delight in sin instead of Christ—where should we turn for the assurance of our salvation? All believers struggle with this at times.  Even John Calvin said he could not “imagine any certainty that is not tinged with doubt, or any assurance that is … More Assurance of Salvation in Reformed Theology

A Second Work of Grace

Special Guest Post by Tim Berglund You’re getting to know some new Christian friends at a small group you just started attending. People are trading testimonies of how they came to faith. The next guy’s up, and he starts with, “I was raised in a Christian home.” Well, now you know it’s gonna get good. … More A Second Work of Grace

What Is a Reformed Christian?

If you ask a Christian what a “Reformed” Christian is you’re bound to get a different answer with each person. I went to the definitive repository of all truth and asked, “Hey Siri, what’s a Reformed Christian?” She replied, “Calvinism.”  Angela and I also put this question out to our friends on “Reformed Twitter” and … More What Is a Reformed Christian?

Particular Redemption Matters

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Westminster Seminary California conference a couple of weeks ago! “Remembering the Canons After 400 Years” was a conference full of exciting history, challenging theology, and a restful focus on the gospel. I highly recommend checking out all of the speakers! Recordings of each session can be found here. The first … More Particular Redemption Matters

How Calvinism Saved the Reformation

Last weekend, I attended the Westminster Seminary Conference in Escondido, California with my friend Angela, her husband, and another good friend. It was definitely time and money well spent as we learned about the history and theology of the Synod of Dort. In the first and second plenary session, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey spoke about … More How Calvinism Saved the Reformation