About The New Geneva

The idea for The New Geneva blog developed out of our shared interest in Reformed theology and our previous experience in podcasting.  Angela was previously a co-host on the Theology Gals podcast and Tony was a guest co-host on the Regular Reformed Guys podcast.

Both of us are members of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Angela lives in Chicago and has her MBA and BSBA in Finance and is currently a stay at home mom. Tony lives in Los Angeles and has his Bachelor’s degree in Theology from The Master’s University. He does not currently hold any office in the church. We are just two everyday lay people who enjoy talking and writing about theology.

Image by Fabio Comparelli
Image by Fabio Comparelli

You may wonder “Isn’t the internet already full of blogs?”  Didn’t someone once write that “if printed, the world itself could not contain all the blogs that have been written?”  Well, it’s our vision to assist in creating a bridge for ordinary men and women to learn about Reformed theology in a down to earth and understandable way. 

We know it can be a difficult transition with friends and family when one comes to understand the doctrines of grace, covenant theology, and why we baptize our children.  We’ve both been through this experience.  It’s our desire to help Reformed pilgrims “cross the bridge into Geneva” so to speak. 

We remember reforming and being full of questions. We found that a wide variety of resources were helpful—blog posts, books, and most of all people. It’s our hope The New Geneva blog will be a place to connect you with Reformed theology and thinkers in a way that helps answer questions and invites you into a greater understanding of our confessionally Reformed faith.