Angela’s 2018 Favorites

Happy New Year from The New Geneva blog!

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I love the idea of new beginnings. There’s something about a fresh start that I find inspiring and motivating. I’m sure it’s no surprise, then, that I love the celebration of each New Year. I had an especially great New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day this year, and I’m looking forward to experiencing all that God has planned for me and my family in 2019. But for one last brief moment, I’m savoring the things I enjoyed in 2018, looking back on a year that I’m so thankful for!

As I think about my favorite things about 2018, I am reminded of so many great theology resources that I enjoyed and recommend often to family and friends. Here are a handful of my favorite podcast episodes and blog posts that I listened to and read in 2018.


Theology Simply Profound – Dispensationalism Series

I really enjoy the podcast Theology Simply Profound because I almost always find it helpful and relatable. Produced by Westminster OPC in Indian Head Park, IL, the hosts are Bob Tarullo and Rob McKenzie. Theology Simply Profound did a 13-part podcast series in 2016 exploring Dispensationalism in a way that highlights and explains the history, the hermeneutic, and the differences between Dispensationalism and Reformed Covenant Theology. Coming from a Dispensational background, I found this resource extremely helpful, and I recommend it over and over! You can check out the first episode in the series here.


Wise In His Eyes Blog – Mysticism, We Don’t Need You

This blog post is written in a creative voice, directly addressing the faulty theology of mysticism. The writer, Rebekah Womble, has extensive personal experience with mysticism from her church background before reforming. Rebekah writes reviews of Christian books and books marketed to Christians, with a discerning, Reformed point of view. What I especially loved about this post was the way it gave me a feeling of strength about discarding some of the latent mysticism I was still carrying from the evangelical world. We don’t need mysticism because we have the Word of God. Check out Rebekah’s post here. Theology Gals also did an episode by the same title, with Rebekah as a guest. That episode is here.


Heidelcast – Reformation Happens

I regularly enjoy episodes of The Heidelcast, a deeper theology podcast hosted by R. Scott Clark of Westminster Seminary California. As I was becoming Reformed, I was deeply impacted by personal reformation testimonies, especially those that carried with them a theme of learning what it means to rest in the finished work of Christ. In this episode, Dr. Clark is joined by Pastor Chris Gordon of Escondido United Reformed Church and Pastor John Fonville of Paramount Church. The testimonies shared in this episode left me truly savoring God’s grace, and the miracle that happens each time the gospel takes root in a sinner’s heart. You can listen to the episode here.


Theology Gals – Evangelism

As a regular co-host on the Theology Gals podcast, I enjoy every episode! But one of my favorites will always be one of the earliest episodes I was privileged to be a part of: our episode on evangelism. What I love about this episode is that I came away feeling encouraged to share the gospel more, while resting and trusting in the Lord that He is truly the one doing the work. I also love to share this episode because I know that there are several clear presentations of the gospel included, and we never outgrow our need to hear the gospel! The Theology Gals Evangelism episode is found here.


Heidelblog – On Still Small Voices and Allegories

As someone who has been a part of a church culture in the past that became obsessed with listening for God’s voice, I truly enjoyed this post on the Heidelblog, and I share it often. I know people who would recoil at the use of the word “bondage” to describe the quest for that voice, but it’s the truth! What happens to the person who is honest with himself that he’s not hearing anything? Confidence in God’s word is absent, and assurance is deeply undermined. Read this helpful post on the Heidelblog here. Dr. Clark also did an episode of Abounding Grace Radio with Pastor Chris Gordon on the same topic of still small voices here.


Freed Thinker Podcast – Theonomy

Tyler Vela, host of the Freed Thinker Podcast, is a talented apologist and theologian. He puts extensive research and study time into every episode, and I find his attention to detail and logic both challenging and invigorating. Produced in 2016, I found his short, two-episode series examining Theonomy particularly brilliant and helpful for understanding the history and influences behind this controversial point of view held by some in the Reformed world. You can find the episodes here and here.


Looking Ahead

Reviewing this list makes me so thankful for all that God has taught me this year through fun resources put together by my fellow Reformed believers. Not only that, but I am excited to have opportunities now to help others on their journeys of reformation! May God continue to reform His church according to His word in 2019!